Teacher Training - our champions

At the very core of our digital literacy campaign, is our Jenga teacher-training program. Our aim is to equip teachers with the necessary tools and skills that will help them impart digital knowledge to children in classrooms and beyond the classroom.

Teachers are provided with necessary information that upgrades their own digital skills set by being trained through programs like Scratch as well as through our design thinking workshops. These aide teachers become more future proof educators.

Our monthly Scratch educator meetup is a gathering of Scratch and non-Scratch Educators (Walimu in Kiswahili) who want to learn with and from each other, sharing their ideas and strategies for supporting computational creativity in all its forms.

Anyone who is interested in connecting with fellow educators and learning more about using Scratch in educational settings is welcome to participate.

Interested in training with us or to bring any one of our jenga activities to schools or after-school program? Click here!

The ScratchEd Approach

At a ScratchEd Meetup, you can share, create, and learn with other peers and educators who are also passionate about emphasizing creativity, play, and computational literacy through teaching with Scratch.


Explore the core ideas underlying Scratch


Organize into interest groups and engage in hands-on activities


Share strategies for integrating Scratch into classroom practice


Meet likeminded individuals

Other activities

“If we teach today as we taught yesterday,
we rob our children of tomorrow”
John Dewey