Coding and Robotics Classes

Learning to code is like learning a new language. To excel and to become fluent, it requires commitment, repeated exercise and continuous immersion. Through age-appropriate, carefully designed curriculum with a combination of concepts and project-based learning, students build a solid foundation of computational thinking and acquire industry ready STEM, coding, and design thinking skills.

At the Jenga Hub, we host children from around schools and our community and teach them these important skills through structured courses that help them learn the basics of computer programming while improving their coding, Robotics and numeracy skills.

To cultivate their curious minds, our instructors guide students through their personal projects towards the end of each term. Through the process, students learn to make their own mobile apps from idea to reality.

Our Courses

Our Java, Python, HTML and CSS tutorials have been designed to help you learn these programming languages from scratch with both efficiency and fun! Our training courses are a beginner-friendly introduction to computer programming. The Sessions introduce you with fundamentals of programming, while lively examples and a storyline help you understand how to code in Java by using its unique syntax.

After each section, you will try to apply your newly gained knowledge in practice. If you ever feel stuck, feel free to reach out to our resident instructor for helpful hints that guide you to the solution. Going through the sessions, step by step, you will write your own code and learn programming  from scratch. By the end of this beginner programme, you will understand perfectly well how to code in Java, python, HTML and CSS!

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Once you have mastered the basics you can start digging into our intermediate-level sessions that will teach you new Python concepts. This category is for intermediate Python developers who already know the basics of Python development and want to expand their knowledge.

Our intermediate courses take you on a comprehensive tour through the Java, Python, CSS and HTML languages and related concepts. Becoming an expert in either of these takes time, but over time, through practise, you’ll master this beautiful programming languages. It’s worth it!

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Once you are through the intermediate courses, we will teach you advanced concepts of computer programming so you can be on your way to become a code ninja!. You will dig into the teachings of Java, Python, CSS and HTML that will help you navigate advanced concepts and patterns.

Through it all, remember, practice makes perfect, and practice is the key to becoming a successful programmer. Practice, practice, and more practice! We are here for you through it all!

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Other activites

“If we teach today as we taught yesterday,
we rob our children of tomorrow”
John Dewey