About Us

The Jenga Hub is a space for children and young people to become digitally fluent by allowing them a chance to design, create and thrive through the use of digital technologies.

We strive to strike a balance between structure and freedom in the learning through technology process as our members use Software to create artwork, animations, simulations, websites, robotic constructions, musical compositions, multimedia presentations and much more.

Our Impact

By deeply engaging communities, we have created a virtuous cycle of impact across three levels;

On a local level, we have influenced children to gain 21st century competencies and agency as well as changing the school and classroom dynamic into a more engaging and inventive setting for improved education outcomes. Schools have also noted positive behaviour change amongst our members.

On a regional level, we influence municipalities and organisations by providing data on improved education outcomes of our students and the improved efficiency of our trained teachers towards policymaking or strategy.

Through our global partnerships,  such as Designathon Works, we are a part of a global network of children and teachers across 44 geographies, who use technology to empower the next generation changemakers, and contribute to the Global Changemaker report for Children.

Our Values

Our work ensures child safety with integrity in an atmosphere that is innovative and courageous while taking full ownership of their learning.


Child Safety

We ensure personal safety of our members and staff and the safety of all others where we work, wherever we are.



We deliver services that are a shining example to others



We exhibit strength of character in navigating the spaces that we are in.



We welcome and challenge all forms of creativity and innovation.


Sense of Ownership

We take charge of how, what and when we learn.