SCRATCHed Meetup in Dar es Salaaam

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  We are excited to announce that our very first SCRATCHed meetup at the hub this Saturday! Join us through this eventbrite and we hope to see you there!        


Jenga Hub featured at the 2050 Conference in China

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Our Executive Director was invited to China recently for the 2050 conference, in Hangzhou China, under the patronage of former CTO of Alibaba, Dr. Wang Jiajng. Jenga Hub co produced and featured on the panel titled, The Power of Innovation’, where our ED spoke on the extensive work that Jenga hub is doing to empower […]


Jenga Hub at Innovation Week 2018

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Our hub was very excited to be selected to showcase at this years Innovation Week 2018 in Dar es Salaam , Tanzania, that was hosted by HDIF (Human Development Innovation Fund). We run a designation workshop with our participants whose invented solutions, around the circular economy, waste and water, were a big hit! Check out […]


The Jenga Hub becomes an official Designathon Works Chapter

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We recently visited our partners at Designathon Works in The Netherlands and received training on design thinking and delivering maker education to our children and youth at the Jenga Hub. We are also excited to be recognized as the official Designathon Works Chapter in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania!   Super excited to get the knowledge […]


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