Global Children’s Designathon Dar es Salaam 2017

It is now no longer a surprise to find many young people especially from the primary level of education doing great and amazing things in technology.

This is contributed by different activists who have tried to create much awareness and education especially in the sector of science and technology.

Jenga Hub is among the enthusiasts who have committed themselves into making sure that they help and enrich children who are passionate about technology. This project is under the Neghest Sumari Foundation that is headed by Nancy Sumari.

The institution now serves 32 children through training offered every day at their premises. These children range from 7 to 12 years old who are also primary school students from  the areas of Magomeni, Msasani and Mikocheni.

Speaking about what these children did in November 11th this year, Nancy said that Nancy Sumari, the host of the Global Children’s Designathon in Dar es salaam  said that, Our first Global Childrens Designathon was a very special and unique event for our hub because it was first time the event was held in Tanzania but also the first time our children participated in crafting ideas and solutions with other kids from around the world to solve water problems. It really feels that they are a part of something bigger than themselves and it isalways  important for us to highlight the abilities of our children from The Jenga Hub and allow them to feel that their ideas and creations are valid.


We believe that children have the capacity to make meaningful contributions and solutions to make the world a better place. They are capable of  thinking about social and environmental issues, such as wastage, food, mobility, or the future of their own neighbourhoods. Jenga Hub in collaboration with Designathon Works of the Netherlands  gives  them opportunity to use their creativity to design solutions.



The Designathon methodology highlights the natural ability of children to create technological concepts for a better future. In a Designathon workshop, children invent, build and present their self-devised solutions to a social or environmental issue.The experience helps children both become future ready and it engages them as co-designers of our shared futures.

The event involved 18 cities from around the world including Amsterdam, Milan, Dar Es Salaam, Singapore, Nairobi, London, Dubai and Montreal where they were given topics to work on.She added, the children were supposed to propose a scientific solution to the challenges in the availability of water, water pollution, water overload and other actions that lead to the destruction of water and its sources.

She also said that children from Dar es Salaam who are under the project were given the responsibility to innovate better to deal with water in shortage, pollution and flooding.

They collected water from surrounding areas around the institution which is located at Msasani and filtered the dirty using a filtering equipment created by themselves and made the water clean.

When they carried the water to the special lab for filtering, they used a couple of hours helping each other complete the task. Throughout this process, they were under the supervision of specialists from Neghesti Sumari  Foundation.

Nancy added that the children succeeded very well especially because they had close contacts and guidance from specialists from the Designathon Project headquarters in Amsterdam, Holland.

“This is the first time for our project and our children “Jenga Hub” participated in this event. The children were very excited to participate especially because they were able to interact with their peers from 18 cities around the world” said Nancy.

Adding on that, she said “it was a unique opportunity for the children as they were able to ise their creativity in many ways so as to ensure the success of what they were given, it made them feel that they can do it and that they are better as well. It is something that we are very proud of”

Nancy said that the aim of Jenga Hub, which is is a Creatives centre for digital literacy, technology and innovation, was to see a  community of children and youth leveraging the use of technology and literature to create value and transform their lives. She made it clear that these children are empowered so they can be innovators in solving problems around them and facing our communities at large through applying design thinking methodologies.She commented that they take students that are from the forth grade to the seventh and they are also given the education of Computer programming, robotics, and multimedia studies.

On the side of the Municipal Mayor of Kinondoni, Benjamin Sitta who was also the special guest of the day, he believes that involving and preparing children in the technology sector is the beginning of the creation of big names in the science industry in the future.

“What these children have done through Jenga Hub is quite huge and they have shown their ability in the technology sector and for now, his municipal has organized themselves in ensuring that projects like these are empowered more” said Sitta.

Emmy, A student from Jenga Hub who  participated in the Global Childrens Designathon, said that in his participation in the finding of solutions for clearing dirty water, he participated wholeheartedly and that enabled him to know alot about the benefits of the technology sector.

She said, he has known the filtering of water and the use of water bottles in bringing solutions especially when they are filtered from dirty to clean water.



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